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Crikvenica Croatia apartments and rooms for rent, villas with swimmingpool, holiday houses for your vacation in Crikvenica situated in the Kvarner bay at the North Adriatic coast. Book your accommodation online directly contacting the property owner without paying agency commission. Landlords governs information about their capacities, updating prices and availability calendar and write important notices related to their apartments or houses. Find your favorite bar or restaurant, pizzeria or a hair stylist, a masseur or a gallery that will brighten up your holidays and summer in Crikvenica Are you looking for an apartment or house for sale on the island of Krk or its surroundings? See the real estate offer at

  • Crikvenica

    Private accommodation, apartments to let or rent in Crikvenica Croatia. Crikvenica is a tourist destination in Kvarner region near the City of Rijeka. Many domestic people are renting their apartments or rooms as private accommodation during a summer months. You can find in our offer an apartment or room just near the sandy beach in Crikvenica or rent a villa for your family to spend an awesome summer holidays. The whole Riviera Crikvenica is kilometers long promenade. Along gentle and green coastal line dotted with sheltered coves, parks, villas and gardens, and in the direction of the lush, mountainous hinterland trails and hiking paths. The town beach is sandy and there are pebble beaches too in the city center, Dramalj beach to the peninsula Kačjak. Crikvenica Riviera consist of towns Crikvenica, Dramalj, Selce and Jadranovo. Crikvenica is known by family and health tourism but with numerous cafes and bars do not lack entertainment and nightlife. With clubs in the city center and the Crni Molo, you can treat yourself in one of the many restaurants, or go on a boat trip to the nearby Silo at island Krk. It is pleasure to walk along the rich green city parks, and stop at one of the many good restaurants offering fish and shellfish. At the Crikvenica Riviera there is a plenty of opportunities for sports activities such as sailing, surfing, diving or water skiing. Also, you can bring or rent a bicycle in the area because there are many bicicle paths arround. Historically, it belongs in one of the sunniest places in the Adriatic, with its 2500 sunny hours per year.
  • Dramalj

    Connected to Crikvenica by a seaside promenade, Dramalj stretches all the way to the Kačjak peninsula. This area started being more intensively developed at the end of the 19th century, following the expansion of nearby Crikvenica. Dramalj is characterised by favourable natural characteristics – a mild Mediterranean climate, lush vegetation, a crystal clear sea and an abundance of hours of sunshine throughout the year. Accommodation is provided in numerous private villas, newly built properties and privately owned apartments, holiday homes and hotels. Dramalj boasts several well-tended beaches equipped with various facilities (some of these beaches have won awards for the best in Croatia), and a range of venues for entertainment and cultural events such as the Summer Carnival.
  • Selce

    Selce is located in a picturesque cove next to Crikvenica, on one of the most diverse parts of the Adriatic coast. This seaside resort, once a village of fishermen and stonemasons, today makes an interesting holiday destination with a tradition of tourism reaching back more than a century. Selce has won many awards for the excellence of its tourism offer and the overall appearance of the town. It has also won the title of best holiday resort on Kvarner four times. In addition, it came second twice and first once (in 2002) in the "Blue Flower" campaign organised by the Croatian National Tourist Board for the best holiday resort on the Adriatic. Selce is a perfect place for pleasant summer holidays, with well-tended Blue Flag beaches, a wonderfully clean sea, a seaside promenade, and many cultural, entertainment and sporting events (folklore, concerts, painting exhibitions, fish festivals on the waterfront, sport-fishing for visitors, sailing regattas and much more). The town also has a diving centre with diving school and various water sport facilities. Selce can accommodate several thousand visitors in private homes and hotels, holiday villas and two campsites set amidst the area's beautiful natural scenery and crystal clear sea.
  • Jadranovo

    Jadranovo is an attractive seaside resort, ideal for a quiet holiday. It is known for beautiful scenery, unspoilt natural surroundings, numerous coves and romantically secluded beaches. A coastal promenade and a network of walking trails criss-crossing the hinterland are just right for pleasant walks and recreation on hot summer days. Jadranovo is noted for its beautiful nature, for its tranquil pine forests and seaside walks, for quiet coves and beaches, for its crystal clear sea and crisp fresh air. The area's long tradition of welcoming visitors, its hospitable people, beautiful scenery and comfortable accommodation in family homes, as well as fine gastronomic choices, are just a small part of what Jadranovo has to offer its visitors.
  • Crikvenica Croatia Apartments
  • Crikvenica Croatia Apartments
  • Crikvenica Croatia Apartments
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  • Adrenalin park

    Adrenalin Park is located near the city center, situated in a beautiful forest. An excellent opportunity for an unforgettable experience. Whether for children or for adults who want adrenaline and fun park offers a variety of content (great trails for climbing, cageball cage for the game and summa-Aerotrim spinroller).
  • The love path

    Name of Love Path probably originated thirties of the last century, more frequent arrivals of romantic couples in this romantic setting. Love unites several particle content - walking through the shade of pine trees and aromatic Mediterranean herbs, meeting late Romanesque Badanj look at Vinodol valley, Kvarner and Velebit Channel. .
  • Beaches

    With a pleasant climate and summer not too high temperatures, there are beautiful beaches that awaits you. Beautiful Beaches and blue flag, which stands for high purity and ecological awareness of local people about the environment. Beaches in Crikvenica and its surroundings are mostly sandy, town beach is sandy, and that you can escape the strong sun rays, shade provides conifers whose branches descend to the beach. Historically, it ranks as one of the sunniest places on the Adriatic, with its 2500 sunny hours per year, so stay on the beaches guarantee a nice tan.
  • Adrenalin park

    Adrenalin Park is located near the city center, situated in a beautiful forest. An excellent opportunity for an unforgettable experience. Whether for children or for adults who want adrenaline and fun park offers a variety of content (great trails for climbing, cageball cage for the game and summa-Aerotrim spinroller).
  • Nightlife and fun

    After a day spent at the beach, swimming, sunbathing, playing sports, socializing with friends and enjoy spending vacations and all the activities that you do on your vacation, save some energy to move on in nightlife and partying. Especially during summer, cafes by the sea are full of good and loud music, and there are various cultural events that take place and through which you can get to know the local customs. Also, there are various fashion shows, concerts and events.
  • Aquarium

    The Crikvenica AQUARIUM is located in the city centre at an area of about 200 m2. In a pleasantly arranged Aquarium interior there are 24 glass tanks to keep more than 100 fish species of the Adriatic sea and some 50 tropical sea fishes, in an environment similar to the natural one. The foundation of the Aquarium has been the result of many years of hard work of a group of bilogists, ichthyologists, aquarists, divers, and fishermen of this region and also of a group of enthusiasts from abroad. This is the first time in Croatia that an aquarium exhibits tropical aquatic fish. The Aquarium also offers a possibility to buy some souvenirs. Specimens of a particular interest are: Adriatic: moray, catshark, sea horse, poulp, lobster, scorpionfish, grouper, spiny lobster.... Tropic: doctor fish, scorpion fish, butterfly fish, trigger fish.
  • Pavlin Monastery

    A former monastery, which was a hotel in recently is situated in the eastern part of Crikvenica between the sea and the river Dubracina. At that spot in the 15th century Pavlins built a convent as their foundation. Next to the monastery is the church of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Today, for the hotel's appearance changed, but the basic idea remains.
  • Crikvenica's name origin

    Crikvenica is named after the parish church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, one of the two crikvenica's parish churches. It was built at the mouth of the river Dubračina in ancient times, while the population mostly lived in the village of Kotor on the same hill above the town of Crikvenica, in the midst of the Kotor old parishes. It is believed that Crikvenica is named precisely in this ancient church. In 1412 she was already decrepit, and restores the pious prince Nicholas IV. Frankopan ban Croatian and Dalmatian, who had just returned from the Holy Land. Large monastery is situated right beside the spot where the church was built .
  • Kotor Hill

    Kotor is a real treat for all history lovers. It is an archeological zone where you can see traces of a prehistoric settlement, as well as traces of medieval houses. You do not have to be a historian, just a little imagination to imagine how people lived in ancient times. Be found in Kotor and smaller buildings as well as the ruins of the medieval church.
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  • SAX Caffe Bar Crikvenica
  • Saloon Pub Crikvenica
  • Restaurant Millenium RestoranMillenium
  • Restaurant Tiffany RestoranTiffany
  • Guesthouse Zrinski GostionaZRINSKI
  • SABBIA Restaurant and lounge bar SABBIARestaurantandloungebar
  • PULSE Night Club PULSENightClub
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Virtual Tour Crikvenica Panorama 360

Take a virtual walk arround Crikvenica with a 360 degree panoramas. Virtual tour of Crikvenica was made at Christmas 2017. Soon on this website all the accommodations will have virtual tours with 360 panoramas or panorama video footage walkthrough the apartment, villa or holiday home. Every guest will be able to experience the accommodation where he or she wants to stay, as if he was already in it. This web site contains only verified accommodation objects for which we create advertising material like a photos, videos, panoramas 360 and websites. Contact the landlords directly and book your accommodation for next summer vacation!

Dream weddings by the sea Restoran Millenium

Weddings by the sea in Restaurant Millenium Selce . The Millenium Deluxe lounge with its 180 seats with a sea view will host your guests in the highest glory. Fireworks organization, professional photographers and wedding videographers to keep your most beautiful moments forever. Call the organizer to book your wedding at Millenium Restaurant tel. number +385 91 513 5668 .

Boat excursions from Crikvenica to Island Krk

Boat excursions from Crikvenica to the island of Krk are a memorable experience of your vacation. Visit picturesque towns such as Vrbnik, Baska, Krka, Njivica, Šila or Klimna, enjoy the dolphins who live in the aquatorium, swim and hang out, sail the boat and return home with memorable memories. Cruise trips from Crikvenica with Šare Tours with their old sea wolf and unbeatable captain Ivan Šare. The Primorka tourist boat will take you to an unforgettable adventure and the fun is guaranteed. At your excursion, you can hire a professional video cameraman and photographer to capture your unforgettable moments. See the enclosed video and slip with us. Reservations tel: +385 91 522 2478


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